Click Fraud Technology Is The Fraud

In my ten years of managing Google Ads accounts I have tested probably every click fraud technology on the market. But I have always been sceptical of them because I have never seen them improve the cost per lead in an account. If they are not improving the cost per lead in an account then either clients are not being subjected to click fraud or the technology doesn’t work.

Back in 2015 I had a client who I noticed was getting their budget swallowed up early in the day, every day, and they were not generating leads. Google kept refunding the money for these clicks, because their system picked up that it was click fraud, but the issue wasn’t the cost of the clicks. The issue was that the campaigns would not run during the best performing hours of the day because their budget would get spent and it would take the Google system a few hours to refund the budget back. So leads were down and cost per lead was up as a result. To solve this problem my client tried software after software and none made any difference. So from then on I have always been suspicious of the “technology” and whether it actually works or not.

Quite a few of my clients run with click fraud technology just for piece of mind. But I always warn them that they are likely wasting their money. As more and more of my clients have been asking about click fraud technology lately, I decided to do a test to settle the debate about whether click fraud software actually works or not.

The test was going to be that I would do a Google search on a daily basis for “Click Fraud Software” and would click on the adverts that appeared for all of the companies on a daily basis. If the technology actually worked then after 8 or 9 days maximum, my IP address would get blocked and I wouldn’t see ads appear anymore.

Unfortunately after 14 days of testing this, the ads for the click fraud software providers still appeared. So not only have I never seen any improvement in cost per lead due to click fraud technology, nor have I seen any improvement in click fraud when I tried it in an account experiencing massive click fraud but when I tested actual click fraud technology providers, the software didn’t actually do it’s job.

Which means the technology is a fraud and if anything, they are as bad as the people who actually commit click fraud. Taking money from companies for peace of mind, when in fact their software provides no service at all.

As you can see from the below, the same companies were appearing every day.
Click Cease
IP Quality Score
Ads Defender
Ad Push Up
24 Metrics

And so on…