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I’m a very successful freelancer. Last year I earned £183,580 ($253,633.60 US at the time of writing). Not only do I earn a lot of money but I have a lifestyle that makes most of my friends jealous. I’ve been to Australia for the Ashes, I’ve been to Abu Dhabi for the Grand Prix. I’ve watched England play football around the world, I’ve watched West Ham play in Europe (and around the country most weekends), I’ve been to a Rugby World Cup Final, I’ve been to the World Championships in Darts and so on. I travel regularly, own my own home in London at the age of 29 and drive a brand new Land Rover. If someone knows how to make a success as a freelancer it’s me.

Back in 2015 I created an online course for freelancers. I’ve now decided to provide this information for free. Whilst some of the information is now outdated due to Elance and oDesk joining up to become Upwork, the vast majority of information is still very relevant. The tips inside this course are how I became a successful freelancer. They are all from my own experience and I’m sure even seasoned freelancers could learn a lot from it. I apologise in advance for the recording quality – it was my first attempt at recording anything online. Each video only lasts a few minutes so it’s easy to watch a few videos at a time. Here are the links:

What is freelancing?

Pros and cons of freelancing

Who freelancing is and isn’t for

Why you should get in to freelancing whilst you are currently working or are a student

Things you will need to be a freelancer

What area you will freelance in

Facts and Myths

What freelance website is for you

How to get work as a freelancer: Contact companies directly

How to get work as a freelancer: Agency outsourcing

How to get work as a freelancer: Hire a telemarketer

How to get work as a freelancer: Professional networks

How to get work as a freelancer: Networking

How to get work as a freelancer: Create a website

How to get work as a freelancer: Word of mouth

How to get work as a freelancer: Online forums

How to get work as a freelancer: Local advertising

How to get work as a freelancer: People you may know

How to get work as a freelancer: Buy leads

How to get work as a freelancer: Be innovative

What makes you stand out on freelancing websites?

Tailoring your proposal to a freelance job post:

Explain you are the right person for a freelance job:

Test validate proposals to freelance jobs:

Gain freelance jobs by offering something for free:

Review what you charge as a freelancer on a continuous basis:

Pros and cons of small clients as a freelancer:

Pros and cons of medium clients as a freelancer:

Pros and cons of large clients as a freelancer:

Pros and cons of working for agencies as a freelancer:

Clients to avoid as a freelancer:

Grow your freelancing business by outsourcing work:

Grow your freelancing business by hiring other freelancers:

Grow your freelancing business by hiring a member of staff:

When is it the right time to grow your freelancing business?

Freelancing Tip 1: Setting your working hours

Freelancing Tip 2: Create a routine

Freelancing Tip 3: Be prepared for quiet periods

Freelancing Tip 4: Speed up processes

Freelancing Tip 5: Live a life

Freelancing Tip 6: Burnout

Freelancing Tip 7: Eat a proper diet

Freelancing Tip 8: Find an escape

Freelancing Tip 9: The importance of a support system

Freelancing Tip 10: Separate home and work life

Freelancing Tip 11: Business cards

Freelancing Tip 12: Ask for feedback

Freelancing Tip 13: Critique

Freelancing Tip 14: Continued learning

Freelancing Tip 15: Manage client expectations

Freelancing Tip 16: Saying no and firing clients

Freelancing Tip 17: Find out what makes your client happy

Freelancing Tip 18: Have a thick skin and be mature

Freelancing Tip 19: Contracts and NDAs

Freelancing Tip 20: Be proactive during quiet periods

Freelancing Tip 21: Get the right accountant

Freelancing Tip 22: Stay on top of your bookkeeping

Freelancing Tip 23: Prioritise your current clients

Freelancing Tip 24: Enjoy what you do

Freelancing Tip 25: Back up your emails

Freelancing Tip 26: Be prepared for too much success

Freelancing Tip 27: Reputation is everything

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