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I’m always coming up with ideas but unfortunately won’t have time to pursue 99% of the ideas I have due to time constraints. I’d rather put my energy in the future in to my best idea – Hubbite. Whilst I’d love to be in a position like Rocket Internet where I can just have a team of developers, designers and marketers in what is essentially a start up factory – I don’t, so I thought I’d give these ideas away for free.

1. Freelancing agency – charge a 5% management fee for providing freelancers. The company would vet all freelancers, choose the right freelancers for your project and have a PM overseeing their work. I.e. all PPC freelancers would be overseen by a PPC expert, all web design freelancers would be overseen by a web design expert and so on. If they are not doing a good job then we give them a kick up the arse or give the project to someone else. The company would develop a number of management tools that would be exclusive to them. The agency would be great for big businesses who would like to outsource work but who are worried about the potential pitfalls of using freelancers. The company make it easy and reliable for businesses to outsource. It would would save them tons of money in wages. When a freelancer is on holiday the company would provide a replacement for them, when a freelancer is ill the company provides a replacement and so on. We take the risk out of using freelancers. The company would build software solutions to speed up the work of freelancers too, hence creating more productivity from them. At the moment there are freelance sites but in general freelancers are unreliable and you can’t always trust reviews – I’ve used lots in the past for different projects and good ones are hard to find. This agency could provide a bank of ‘the good ones’

2. A social network for opinions. You see lots of people recording themselves and their views being shared on Facebook. A social network just for this would likely get a lot of traffic. You would easily gain publicity for it and get users signed up if you had controversial people recording their opinions on there. I have no idea how you would monetise this traffic though

3. A ‘local’ social network. This would be incredibly hard to launch but the only three social networks left that could be a success are reviews, opinions and local. A local social network would be one for local issues – local news, local events, things being sold locally and so on. It would work well but it would take a long time to get traction and would only be successful if you did it area by area. A blanket, full country / worldwide launch would fail. Once one area has the established network you would move on to creating a network in the next area and so on. It would be an incredible amount of work. I know one company tried to launch a local network (Up My Street I think it was called) but it was executed terribly and that’s why it failed. The site would hold a lot of value but the time and effort to make it big may be too much. Facebook could also easily create a spin off for local communities which it could launch and gain traction from pretty quickly

4. A talking search engine for Google Home, Alexa etc. Companies record their adverts and these are talked out. Each ad is 10 to 15 seconds long. I.e. “We are a local Indian restaurant who specialises in X, Y and 7. We are open from 5pm until 11pm”. So its a bit like radio adverts but they appear in response to questions that have been asked. Voice search is the future and 20% of Google searches already come by spoken questions

5. Smart experts – a bit like Amazon Echo or Google Home (or could even be a program put on Echo etc). You would record for example 500 questions and answers that someone may ask in your industry. If someone asks Echo or Google Home these questions then your answers would be spoken out. This could be charged on a subscription basis

6. A social skimlinks service – so if someone asks a question on Facebook or other social networking sites and a person answers and this leads to a purchase, then the person who recommended the product or service would receive a commission. For example someone might wear clothes on Instagram and tag what clothes they were wearing. If someone clicks on the link in the picture and buys, they would earn a commission and your service would earn a commission for facilitating this

7. A company that helps homeless people by providing them with branded sleeping bags, scarves, clothes etc. Companies would pay to provide these to the homeless with their brand on them. Their brand would therefore be seen everywhere as a way of advertising whilst it would also act as corporate social responsibility, therefore painting the business in a good light. You could also pay the homeless people to distribute flyers etc.

8. A beer that’s actually good for you. A lot of gym goers stay away from beer, whilst others (myself included) get a belly from beer. There is lightweight beer on the market but a beer could be created that contains your daily vitamins or a beer could contain a lot of protein and act as your protein shake

9. An ‘on demand’ job website – a bit like task rabbit but for online services. Peoples availability is listed on the site and you can hire them for those hours or weeks etc. Its for when companies have staff away, when you have too much work on, when you have an urgent project etc. Just like Task Rabbit each person on the site has reviews left for them. Could also work for temp staff in companies. Can do it like People Per Hour hourlies where people charge a set hourly wage or where they set a price for different tasks i.e. “posting 50 comments on forums” is £50

10. A digital freemaons like service. It’s essentially an online club to help each other out.You recommend staff to each others, services, answer questions, give your opinions, help out by providing meeting space in different locations and so on. The whole aim is for everyone to benefit

11. Smoke alarm phone case that can fit each model of phone. People tend to take their phones with them everywhere. If there is a fire then their phone would alert them. This would have saved a lot of lives in Grenfell Tower

12. An eBay for farm foods – buy direct from farmers rather than having to go through a middle man like Tesco. This would help out local farmers whilst saving consumers money too

13. A website for “sponsoring homeless people” – through this homeless people would explain why they are homeless, what their aims in life are and you can give money to that specific homeless person each month in the hope of changing their life for the better

14. A bank specifically for freelancers – lots of banks are opening for different verticals now. Freelancing is the future of employment so a bank specific to this kind of business could be a huge success

15. Staff happiness analytics? Their emails are read for emotions, certain signs are looked for i.e. are they searching job sites, have their updated their linkedin account etc – staff retention is important because knowledge and experience is hard to acquire

16. A bit like my earlier idea relating to a freelancer staff agency but just software. A piece of software that facilitates the use of freelancers within organisations. It should be charged out at a monthly or per user rate. It would be used for the management of freelancers within a big organisation and therefore their accountability, who they report to, how they are hired / fired, contingency plans. You would have ‘managers’ at each company looking after a team of freelancers through this software. I can see the future of business going this way

17. A site where people are paid to be pitched to. A lot of companies find it hard to get in front of buyers or decision makers. This site would allow companies to get in front of those big decision makers in exchange for fee. The decision makers themselves benefit because their time is being paid for and they may get a good product or service at the end of it

18. A paid questions site – so the site is full of experts who charge a set rate for answering questions. A bit like Quora but you send an “answer my question request” to chosen experts on there who bid how much they would want to answer the question you have

19. An on demand tv station that only shows user generated TV shows. Companies would be paid for their content depending on how successful they were on the station i.e. by number of views / percentage of revenue

20. An Upwork but for big businesses. So big agencies / big service providers would use the site to pitch / tender to big companies. Big companies would list the job they have on there and so on

21. An online site that teaches just life skills. Most students leave university these days with lots of knowledge but few life skills. People are not taught how to take notes in a meeting, how to get an outside phone line, how to be happy in life, how to get a mortgage and so on. Universities could pay for their students to have access to this portal. Essentially it would be an “online finishing school” which prepares students for the real world

22. Pictureless dating app – based on location and interests. Only get to see pictures after 10 messages have been exchanged. Or after 10 messages, the person can ‘reject’ the other person and stop speaking to them

23.Rate my colleagues website where you can show how important your colleagues are to your organisation. Often good staff are not spotted, become frustrated and leave companies. This site would show their value to a company. For users it will help in their career at their current company and will also help future employers spot talented workers

24. A 5 second vine style song site. If you like the song then you can add it to your list of favorites or go to the next. It would be a great way to discover music

25. Propagation of news stories on to one site – a ticker – no duplicates

26. A job application site where all CV’s are done via video. You have 30 seconds to pitch for the job you are applying for

27. Secret workers – an agency where ‘staff are planted’ in to companies. They do their role for a few months and then report back to management on who is doing a good job and needs rewarding / promotion, who is doing a bad job and may need sacking, what morale is like in the organisation and so on. These workers could bring valuable information to a company that management would not be privy to

28. Solve my problem website – a different kind of advice site where people puts up problems they need answers to and the best answer gets money

29. Improve my business – people have a 30 second pitch to prove they can improve someones business – if the business likes what they hear in the 30 seconds then they can pay to get advice from them on how their business can be improved

30. Competition site where businesses ask for ideas and the best ideas get chosen and get an award

31. Facebook app for market surveys – people are offered the chance to do surveys within the Adwords platform based upon their demographics

32. Reputation management – you are alerted if your picture is uploaded to any dating site, news story, social app etc. Uses image recognition technology

33. Social network where you are not allowed to add anyone you actually know – a place you can be yourself, or the person you want to be

34. Something to track aid workers around the world so that they don’t get kidnapped or if they do – you know where they are so they can get rescued

35. Morning and night toothpaste. The bottom side of the tube is for the morning. You use this side for fresh breath and to make your teeth white. The other side is the ‘night’ side and is for cleaning plaque etc from your teeth

36. A security company for automated equipment in houses. A lot of houses are getting automated technology now and with the rise of AI this will only increase. Eventually hackers will try to take over equipment in homes and use it for ransom or spying purposes. A company needs to be established to stop this. Essentially a home equipment Norton

37. A 21st century digital price tag for items in stores. When prices are updated on a system, the new price is reflected on the item. You can scan the price tag to get reviews or to view it on the stores website etc

38. 404 page software – most 404 pages are terrible. This piece of software would be put on peoples sites for a small monthly fee. It would be branded like the companies website but would contain a search box, a button to go to the homepage and so on. Would be quick and simple to create

39. Text service where you opt in to receive texts from your top five companies. You can opt out using our online service or change who is on your list at any time

40. An app where people you know say what they think about you in secret and you can read it – may lead to a lot of bullying though so not the greatest idea

41. An messaging app where you can only message a maximum of 3 words. This would speed up daily life. For example “B 5 mins”

42. A memories app – you take pictures of things you want to make memories off and it creates an album for you. So e.g. I could take pictures of food, events, moments etc

43. A story app – every person that signs up adds one line to the story and people can read the story at the end

44. An app that makes people feel good about themselves? Only positive messages can be spread

45. A picture app where you must take 1 picture per day to remain on the site. This will allow you to record you life in sort of a diary.

46. A happiness tracking app – people open it when they feel happiness and create a list of what makes them feel happy. Then provides a roadmap for happiness in the future

47. What would you do app – friends send you dilemma’s and there’s a countdown of 5 minutes. Your friends have 5 minutes to reply or the dilemma closes

48. A dog walking app that shows you good local places to walk your dog. You can see how long you walk etc

49. A messaging app only for family members – you can only speak to members of your family through it

50. An autobiography website where normal people write down their life story for others to read

51. A tinder for investments where you have a maximum of 10 words, investors then swipe left or right whether it interests them or not

52. A tinder for events, you can swipe left or right for up coming events

53. A mentor app where people can find mentors – you can only ask your mentor a maximum of 1 question per day

54. Finger print technology on your phone can be used to make purchases on websites or in stores rather than having to type in your password or pin

55. Yearly assessment software for those who use freelancers? Just like staff have yearly reviews at work where their performance is analysed, the same could be done for freelancers. It would be beneficial because it could tell freelancers where their current clients are happy or unhappy. You can improve in the areas where the client is unhappy to keep them as clients

56. A site just for dates opposed to relationships. Boys put up a list of different dates that they would like to take a girl on. It lists exactly what the date would consist of i.e. A meal at Nandos and cinema, a trip on the London Eye, etc. They then put up 3 pictures of themselves and 5 likes and dislikes. The girl has a profile with 3 pictures and 5 likes and dislikes. The girls can then search through the dates and request that they go on one. When they click request the boy can then decide whether to arrange the date or not. It basically speeds up the whole dating process. On Tinder and POF it’s very easy for things to fizzle out before a date happens / gets arranged when two people may be very well suited. This gets straight to the point and should lead to more relationships.

57. A football manager type game but where you are the owner of a club rather than the club manager

58. A 3d food printer. You click on a recipe and your printer uses the ingredients it has in it to make that food for you

59. An app for Google glass so that police offers can use it. By looking at somones face it can tell you information about that person, if they are wanted etc

60. Could do – this site allows people to sign up and receive local ‘junk mail’ – companies then send menu’s etc through the website and these are stored. This helps the environment, reduces printing costs for companies and people only read the page if they want junk mail. Alternatively they can get local ‘junk mail texts’ with local offers

61. An app to stop overcrowding on trains. It uses heat sensors or some other kind of sensor to work out how packed each carriage is and users can use the app to see which carriage they should try to get on. It will be free for commuters but train companies would pay for the service

62. Create a ‘China World’ in London. The Chinese as they get richer are travelling the world but it’s proven their middle class like to shop as a fun activity so we should open a luxury centre aimed just at the Chinese. Chinese sizes, all the staff can speak Chinese, Chinese food & activities that Chinese people like. (Not China Town)

63. An online site that pairs up people who are going through a hard time. Basically an online support group. This may be after death, after a break up, after a life changing event etc. It would be free to use and would just be a nice thing to do. It should help improve people’s mental health and should hopefully reduce the amount of suicide in the world

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