Google Ads Conference 2021

The 2021 Google Ads conference has just finished and it was probably the most exciting conference that Google have ever run. Normally Google announce maybe 5 new features or campaign types that are happening in the coming months, whilst last years conference was disappointing, not actually announcing many upcoming innovations at all. This year though there was tons of new features announced and a lot of insights. I will be putting these in to practice in the coming weeks.

Firstly they announced that Image Extensions are now available. This wasn’t big news as these have been available in a lot of accounts for a few days now and I’ve been implementing them in my clients accounts. I hope to have these in all of the accounts that I manage by the end of next week.

Google is going to start showing forecasts in accounts by the end of the year on how it expects demand to be over the next 90 days, which should make planning easier. Obviously if Google expects demand to be greater then conversations can be had about budgets. If they expect demand to fall, then obviously you can prepare for this event too.

Performance Max campaigns will soon be released which enabled you to run on all networks (Search, Display, Youtube, Gmail etc) all within one campaign. In their testing Google have seen great success from this campaign type.

Because the automated bidding options such as Target CPA and Maximize Conversions uses past data to make decisions, that data needs to be accurate. But of course there tends to be times when a website goes down or tracking comes off and that data is included in the data that Google makes decisions from. Soon you will be able to create data exclusions inside Google where you can tell the system to ignore data from a certain time period and therefore the decisions the system makes should not be affected by issues with tracking.

You can now pin headlines in Responsive Search Ads which has always been the issue with them to most marketers. This now makes Responsive Search Ads viable for most advertisers because previously you could not ensure that the correct title was shown – but now you can.

70% of shoppers said they bought from a brand after seeing it on Youtube.

Shopify have partnered with Google to seamlessly push feed data to Google. And people can now use ShopPay inside a Google search to convert directly inside Google without the need to go to your website. This speeds up the whole process and should increase conversion rates. Conversion rate in Shop Pay is almost double that of a typical checkout.

Searches for “Discount Code” terms have increased by 50% year on year.

Later this year Google are going to release a “deals” page on Search and Shopping whereby people can click on this tab and see what deals advertisers currently have.

Later this year you will be able to integrate your loyalty programs in to Google so from inside Google Ads, people who are logged in to your loyalty program will see different prices and benefits displayed than someone who is not part of your loyalty program will see. And people can join your program directly from Google too.

15% of all searches on Google every day are new searches that have never been made before.

Shopper insights could be the lifeblood of eCommerce business – some companies are using the insights page in Google that shows the top trending search terms in their industry to create new titles and descriptions for the products on their website so these match current demand in the market / what people are searching for most.

Inside Google Chrome in the future you will be able to save items to a Shopping cart, which you can then checkout from at a later date.

Really pushed video action campaigns on Youtube which they think is the next big platform. If you link merchant center feed to campaigns your most popular products will show under your video ads on youtube. This is because Youtube reached more adults 18-49 than all other TV networks in the world combined.

A youtube video creative tool is coming to Google Ads soon so you should be able to make video ads quickly and easily from inside Google.

Auction Insights are going to be updated to include much more information on how you compare to your competition and how you are growing compared to them.

Advertisers see a 14% reduction in cost per lead by adding lead forms to their search and Youtube campaigns.

Conditional fields will be available in Lead Extensions in the next few months allowing you to grab more data from the leads than just the generic fields that Google offer at the moment.

Call ads are available in most accounts as of today. This is better than call extensions and pushes people to call a business from an ad so that they take action straight away and don’t have to go to your site first.