Google Marketing Live 2019

Every year for my clients I put together a short email outlining what the Google Ads conference (Google Marketing Live) has announced will be coming to Google Ads in the coming year. Having just watched the conference live, you can see this information below:

Google Assistant is now on over 1 billion devices worldwide

Over half of searches around the world are on mobile

Google have launched Ads Data Hub. Ads Data Hub allows advertisers, agencies, and third party vendors to input their data into BigQuery and join it with event level ad campaign data. Combining your data with Google’s event data can provide better attribution, improve advertising efficiency, and give a holistic view of different advertising channels.

Discovery Ads – showcase your ads on Youtube, Gmail and the Discover section of Google Search on mobile. A company called Techstyle have seen a 25% lower cost per lead than they get in their search campaigns and other platforms. They basically hinted Facebook without actually saying the name. The ads themselves are very similar to ads you would see on a feed in Facebook.

Gallery Ads. This is a huge innovation – basically text ads on the search results page but includes pictures. 4 to 8 images in each ad. Up to 70 characters for each tagline under each image. 3 headlines for the main advert

Gallery Ads get up to 25% more clicks

Google have launched deep linking capabilities so you can link apps to adverts rather than websites so people who have your app downloaded already can be sent to your app rather than your website. Easier for users to check out as they have all their details saved in the app etc. Up to 2X better conversion rates. Available now.

Maximize conversion value smart bidding will be available soon. You can mark what conversions are more valuable than others and get Google to give priority to these when bidding.

You can set conversion value rules so you can say how much each kind of conversion is worth to you.

When you have sales or promotions, you can tell the Google system this Google smart bidding will bid differently knowing that you are pushing a sale. Then after the sale, all of the data from the sale period will be discarded so it doesn’t affect decisions in the long term.

2 billion signed in users use Youtube every month

6 second bumper ad have 107% better ad recall compared to 30 second ads

Bumper machine is a new tool where you can generate 6 second video ads directly inside Google Ads. Uses one of your Youtube videos that is under 90 seconds and creates 4 ads from this automatically

Custom Infinity and Custom Intent Audiences is going to combine together to become Custom Audiences. You will be able to use Custom Audiences on Gmail, Youtube, in Display campaigns and Discovery campaigns

Audience Expansion Tool allows you to find more people who are similar to the audience you are targeting. In early tests advertisers have seen an increase of up to 50% more conversions for a pre-existing daily budget.

Searches for podcasts have increased by 85% in the past two years

Audio ads are now available through display and video 360 i.e. adverts that you would traditionally hear on radio. These will be inserted in to relevant podcasts, through music streaming sites and so on.

You will be able to buy TV inventory (i.e. TV adverts) via display and video 360 on national and local TV channels

People will soon be able to purchase items directly inside Google Shopping, in Youtube and via Search rather than having to go to a site and then buy. All will be backed up by a Google Guarantee. People will even be able to purchase via voice commands too.

You need to sign up for Shopping Actions Program for people to be able to buy through Google directly. By signing up now you will automatically be added in to this new service as soon as it is launched

Google Shopping has a new design which will be full of personalisation based on what people have bought in the past

Local campaigns can create up to 4 times as many people visiting your locations. These are designed for store visits and phone calls. Now open to everyone internationally.