The Ultimate Negative Keyword List

In January 2017 I set about creating the ultimate negative keyword list. I did this to save my current clients money by adding it to their accounts and to save new clients money from the outset when building their accounts.

At that time I managed about 150 accounts that had spent over $10 million on Adwords throughout their history. I started by downloading the negative keywords from every single account that I manage. I then added these negative keywords with a negative keyword list I was given by a friend at Google that they use internally. Together it gave me a life of over 70,000 negative keywords. From there I removed all duplicates and then all long tail keywords which would not be generic to all accounts. I was left with a list of 1345 negative keywords that can be used on practically every account.

Having access to such a list has stopped all of my new clients from January 2017 onwards from wasting thousands of dollars in ad spend, and it has given me a fantastic competitive advantage over everyone else in the PPC industry. For the first time I am making this negative keyword list available to others for £500. If you are interested in purchasing this list then please email me on

There’s very few agencies / companies / freelancers in the world that have access to as much account data as I do, so it’s practically impossible to find a list of this quality anywhere-else. My clients are all saving thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands due to this list and are generating amazing results off the back of it. Your accounts(s) could be the next to save thousands!

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